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Syracuse is finished in BE play and sits at 5-2.   IF UL beats Rutgers and Cincy beats UConn this week, there will be a 4 way tie, Syracuse, UL, Rutgers and Cincy at 5-2.   The Cards should get the nod for the Orange BCS Bowl by having the highest ranking of the 4 teams.   It can also be noted the Cards would have beaten 2 of the three teams in the tie.   If Rutgers wins, they will get the Orange nod if there is a 3 way tie, again having the higher ranking.   Either way it is split, it is UL or Rutgers trophy to get.   Cincy will not have an easy task, to beat UConn at UConn with the Huskies needing one more win to become bowl eligible.   If the Huskies play defense at home like they did at PJCS, the Bearcats will be hard pressed to score points.   

   Here's hoping for a Card win and the BCS bid.  After starting the season at 9-0, it would be a big disappointing blow to the team to finish out the season with a 3 game losing streak and to not follow coach Strong's motto of 'FINISH'   Disappointing but not a disgrace.  Most fans would have been overjoyed at the beginning if told the Cards had a shot to finish at 9-3.  Still with one shot at 10-2.  After al, this is a young team with  more chances of big things in the future.   

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