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How long does it take for a broken wrist to heal enough to play? And if it does heal enough will he be in good enough game shape to make a difference? Im only asking cause I dont know and hope there are some more educated people here to feel me in on the injury.

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First, let me state, I am no doctor or have any medical training, so this is all I know about a broken wrist.   Recovery time is determined by the severity of the break.   Could be 4 to 6 weeks in a cast and then 2-4 weeks therapy.    Some wrists require surgery while others require only a cast.    The good news for Deing is Louisville has some of the best hand specialists' in the world.   There is a new procedure called Micronail that allows a 2-3 week recovery of a broken wrist, maybe 1 week of therapy.   If this is available for Gorgui then I am sure he will be afforded it.    Micronail is a procedure that uses 2-3 small incisions and the procedure lasts less than an hour.   There is no cast but a removable splint.   

    So, we are looking at a possible quick recovery of maybe Dec. 16 or so but then maybe a slower recovery that will take Deing toward the end of Dec.   All Card fans are looking at the DEC. 29 uk game so we will be on pins and needles waiting for this to play out.  My guess, the break was more minimal than  major.   Good luck, big guy!!

Thanks P. For not bein a doctor you were very informative.

With  the uk game 33 days away, I like Deing's chances to play vs. uk.   Thats' 4 weeks and 5 days.   Hopefully he can get back sooner, maybe like the game before.   He would need about a week of therapy to get the stiffness out and mobility back.   Might affect his jumper a bit but just to have his shot blocking and inside presence will be huge.   Good chance for Price and SVT to get some experience.   Price needs the minutes badly.   

Looking forward to see Deing on the bench next game.   See if he is in a full cast or some type of splint.   This will give us a clue on how long he might be out.   Full cast, 4 weeks?   Splint 3 weeks?

Gorgui will have a screw inserted in his wrist and miss four-to-six weeks the school announced Monday.

Dieng broke the scaphoid bone in his left wrist in the win over Missouri on Friday. Dr. Luis Scheker of the Kleinert Kutz Hand Care Center in Louisville will perform the surgery on Tuesday.

“With a little luck, Gorgui will be back by the start of our Big East schedule,” said UofL Coach Rick Pitino in a released statement. “We will miss his defensive presence and passing ability, but it’s time for other guys to step up their performances.”

Pitino says with luck he will be back for the start of the BE schedule, well the BE schedule starts 3 days after the uk game. So  in translation, Gorgui will be back for the uk game without a doubt. ; )

Pitino always talks in 'worse case scenario

    So like you, I believe 3-4 weeks.    They showed a picture of Deing on the news after surgery and his hand was in a splint and not a cast, so to me that is news of a quicker than predicted recovery.  

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