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So an email round has already started with my tailgate group about the recent hire and the legitimacy it gives the new Big East. Our comments have seemingly come in overwhelming on the side of "GET US OUT OF THIS CONFERENCE NOW" with only one voice stating this new hire could change things. I just wanted to get the opinion of the Card Dom members as I am sure this will be a hot topic around grills throughout Card game tailgating this fall.

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Moving to the ACC or the Big 12 would be good. ACC would be better competition in football and basketball and the ACC may be a tougher conference than the Big 12. Florida State, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, Clemson, Miami, etc, that would be great.
Big12 has not changed their minds about staying at 10. If me are left in the big east we might as well draw a good paycheck for it! If the big east goes with NBC and they promote football aggressively I could see the big east moving ahead of the ACC in money and public perception down the road. Louisville and Boise could become the big fish in the big east pond. With our basketball and other sports continuing to excell we could we could become the premiere program in the league. So much is not known. Tier2 and tier3 rights could be an important future factor, especially if the conference has sighed them over in the contract!

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