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Aug 5 is when the new Bobby Petrino era will start for the UofL football program. Times and if any open practices haven't been determined as of yet, should be announced soon.

          On Aug. 5-8:

  • Freshmen and transfers will practice at 8:50 a.m.. and the returning players will practice at 4:20 p.m.. Both practices will be open to the public. Sat. Aug. 9th practice at 3 pm.

  • There will be an open scrimmage on August 16 at 9:00 a.m.. This is also the date for Fan Day, which will be held in Cardinal Arena at 3:00 p.m.

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What is the projected depth chart at defensive tackle?     This is an area of concern for me   

P, this will be the most confusing position early in this coming season. The 3-4 is a very versatile defense in the alignment. What used to be DEs now may become OLB. The nose tackle becomes the most important DL in this scheme. Without a NT that can lock up the middle this defense fails tremendously.

Now, to answer your question to the best of my understanding (all subject to change of

NT:                                                               my projection to start

DeAngelo Brown

Johnny Richardson (formerly DeAsian)                           (starter)

Kyle Shortridge (may play both DT and HIG DE)

DE: (HIG=hand in the ground)

Sheldon Rankins                                                           (starter)               

Tae Thibodueax (may or may not develop into a NT)

James Hearns (still listed as an OLB but has grown into a DL's body...we'll see)

Terry Ramsey

Travon Young                                                                 (starter)

Finesse Middleton (could develop into a NT)

Pio Ventuvi           (expected to make impact upon arrival)

These along with some various walk-ons will make up the DL this season as I see it now. Fall camp could bring about some changes.Lorenzo Mauldin and Deiontrez Mount are expected to play standing up but could play HIG if needed.

P Streble Sr. said:

What is the projected depth chart at defensive tackle?     This is an area of concern for me   

T.  Big Deangelo Brown may very well be that important nose tackle that anchors that 3-4 scheme 

Can't wait!! Taking some vacation time from work so that I can come.  Miss seeing all my friends!

I'll be there my friend!


Anthony robert milburn said:


sorry Anthony, totally forgot Dubose. He should be hand in the ground DE but may play some stand up rush end.

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