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What is Peyton Siva's Draft Status (by Joshua Ceasar)

Joshua would like to know Peyton's status in the draft.

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Joshua, I set this discussion up so you could get different people's answers. Blogs are for stories and articles and please don't be afraid to continue to use the blogs as such. Thank you for being a part of Cardinal Dominance.

Now, back on topic. Haven't had much time to keep up with basketball other than watch the games. But IMO Peyton is not having that kind of year yet that makes me think Scouts are salivating in getting him on one of their teams. BUT... the real season hasn't got here yet either. Come conference tourny and NCAA tourny time Siva could explode into that total control type point guard we all know he is capable of. If he does that his stock rises tremendously. Until then he'll have a lot to prove in private workouts.

I do not keep up with draft projections but a couple weeks ago I seen Siva's name toward the bottom of the first round in one of the mock drafts.      In my opinion, Siva has two hurdles to overcome   1.  his size   2 his outside shooting    A good run in the tourney and a good showing by Siva in the tourney could bolster his status

Love me some Siva, but at times, his floor decisions are lacking. If he made better decisions with the ball in clutch times, he would be much better. He has it all, just makes a few bad decisions at times in crucial situations.

We will have to see on his draft stock.

I agree

Many NBA scouts have been to see the Cards to evaluate both Peyton and Gorgi. The feedback has been vauge at best. Rick Pitino is doing everything he can to sell Peyton based off of his personality as much as his skill set. There is no doubt that he is a little short, but he does have the athleticism to overcome that height disavantage. He obviously needs to improve his outside shooting but he is a pure point guard with the potential to grow into more of a scoring threat. As stated above, his draft stock will largely be determined by how he performs in the tournament so only time will tell.


As I stated above, Siva could help himself with some solid outside shooting in the tourneys, both Big East AND NCAA.   I have always liked and rooted for Siva but I have been a critic of his too during his first three seasons.   But, I have no complaints about Siva this year, his senior campaign.  He has addressed a few of his weaknesses this year.  First, he has improved his free throw shooting and is the guy you want now with the ball at the end of a close game.   His ball handling and decisions have improved and he is using the short shot to his arsenal as well.   His assists could be better if Chane could start finishing down low.  Chane at times seems too easy to get the ball knocked loose from his grasp.  Siva's three point shooting has improved but for his size it needs to be more deadly.   Siva has the speed to take his man one on one in the NBA and there are no zones in that league so that is a plus for Siva.   Another plus for Siva is his durability.   He does not get injured and when he does take a fall or gets hit, he is quick to shake it off and play thru the pain.   Peyton Siva has been a great inspiration to youths in the Louisville area and fans across the nation.   A very impressive young man, on and off the court.   

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