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CD Insider Spring Practice 5 Report and Video BONANZA! Meet RS FR RB Jeremy Wright!

Ex-Louisville Starting FB Joe Tronzo

AWESOME day out at the Trager Center outdoor practice field today, on by far the nicest day we have had weather wise at the Spring Practices so far for 2010. I will give you the full report.

I spent a good portion of the day jawing it up with WAVE 3 sports icon Bob Domine, talking about everything from the practice to Bob's upcoming book which he only has six chapters left on. Super nice guy to talk to, and it is hard to believe that he has been calling the shots at WAVE 3 since 1973. At 66, Bob is in great shape, and still plays golf and tennis currently.

But you did not come here to read about me talking about Domine. You came here to hear about smash-mouth Louisville Football. So I am just going to hit you with both barrels.

This is the one week anniversary of the first Spring Practice last Wednesday, and what a difference a week makes. Strong even brought in a referee staff to supervise the mini-scrimmages. What this scout saw today along with other members of the media and spectators in attendance, was that the team was MUCH better than they were last Wednesday. Better routes, less blown assignments, more spread offense, better wrapping up of the offense by the defense and the special teams kicking looks MUCH better.


12 Chris Philpott 6-0 191 K JR Atlanta, Ga. (Str. Pius X Catholic) was kicking very well through the uprights, and booming some from WAY out. He looks good so far for the first time I have really got to scout him for 2010.

35 Jon Payne 6-0 202 P SR Louisville, Ky. (St. Xavier), has been SMASHING beautiful punts, and I love to see our kicking game much improved, at least from what I have seen so far from 2010 Spring Practices, as compared to the Spring 2009.

Special teams has been a major area that has needed improvement for the last two seasons. In 2007, we would not even try a field goal basically if it was 35 yards or more out. Both in FG kicking and punting look great, and I have not seen enough actual kickoffs yet so far in 2010 to make a valid scout on that area of the special teams. But in judging by Philpott and Payne's strength and accuracy, it is amazing how good these two have looked under Strong and company. The coaching staff and Strong ride them just as hard as the rest of the team. Believe me, there is no free lunch at the Trager Center for ANY player, kicker/punter or not. Strong DEMANDS excellence in every area.


Now I can sit here and tell you about Victor Anderson and Darius Ashley, but it is common knowledge that they are both studs, and Blial Powell has looked like a beast. But let me tell you something you may not know.

28 Jeremy Wright 5-11 199 RB RS FR Clermont, Fla. (East Ridge) is a stud. I have been watching this young man since the first day of Spring Practice tearing the field up as a RB, but he also has great hands too and is catching passes as well with ease. After I saw Jeremy again today to make sure the first four practices where he looked so good were not a fluke, I had to interview the RS FR after practice.

I am telling you right now, Jeremy has game. For being a RS FR and being as raw as he is in the early Spring, he looks REALLY good. When he is running the ball or catching the ball making great plays with fantastic all-out effort, he has spectators scrambling for their rosters and asking who #28 is. Jeremy has some strong competition in front of him in experienced RBs, but I can see him making a definite impact in his career at Louisville.

Check out the EXCLUSIVE CD Insider Video Interview I had with Jeremy tonight in the CD Insider Video section above, as well as the brand-spanking new HC Charlie Strong and WR Josh Chichester videos!

After I conduced my interviews with current Louisville Football players and staff, talked with the collegiate record holder in the front squat, 2009 Louisville starting FB Joe Tronzo, to finish up our coverage of Spring Practice 5.

More reports and exclusive CD videos and reports to come Friday after practice. Stay tuned to CD!

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