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Charlie Strong what have you done to us???

Bowl Fever for the 2011 Season?  Hey fans, check your personal predictions for this season!!!  What were we thinkin?  Most of us counted The Cards down & out before the first blown call by the Big East Refs!!  What does the Bowl picture look like now?  Consider these options:

BCS Orange Bowl possible!    I hope one way or another that we go to a bowl in Florida.

Beef 'O' Brady's in St. Pete  (BE #6 vs Conf USA)

Belk in Charlotte 12/27 (BE #3 vs ACC #5 -  Maybe FSU or GA Tech)

Champs in Orlando 12-29 (BE # 2 or ND vs ACC #3)

Pinstripe in New York 12-30 B# #4 vs B12 #7 - Send Rutgers)

Liberty in Memphis 12-31 BE # 5 or SEC # 7/8 vs C USA #1 - Don't wanna go there) or as there is some confusion here as the BVA Compass Bowl is Birmingham also has a listed BE option.  Disregard both as we will not be the #5 out of the BE, although B-Ham sure is a step up over Memphis in the winter.  I’m thinking if you pronounce that Come  P_ss Bowl slowly, it’s the one uk gets invited to!

Or...drum roll please....on my good friend Lee Smith’s birthday…. Orange Bowl!


Which one do you pick?

Look for a 3 way tie  for 1st with Cards, Rutgers and West Virginia!  We win the tie breaker for conference championship!!!  We could go Orange, but, I wager the Big 12 exercises their influence and gets WVU into BCS, ND influence gets them into Champs. PLEASE no Pinstripes (send real yankees there) and we drop to Charlotte and the Belk (does that include a shopping spree) vs an ACC opponent which (while we’re hedging on insansity why not go for broke) opens the door for a UL invitation into the ACC!

Pray long and hard that we do beat USF and avoid being exiled to Memphis for the worst bowl venue I that I know of.

By the way that loud watery sound you hear is kitties doin’ the Big Blu Boo-Hoo!


Now if that does not do enough for mass confusion, I give you an article I found surfing the Big East website.    


by Alex Callos
Follow me on Twitter @alexcallos


Rutgers (8-3, 4-2) jumped to the top of the Big East standings after knocking off Cincinnati (7-3, 3-2) 20-3 Saturday, giving the Big East five two-loss teams once again.

The Scarlet Knights and Louisville however, are the only teams with four wins and are currently tied for first place. That does not mean they are in the driver’s seat, however.

There is still a jumble at the top, with Louisville, West Virginia, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh all having two losses.

Louisville knocked off Connecticut today 34-20 to give the Huskies three conference losses and virtually eliminate them from Big East title contention.

That leaves five teams with a shot. With Pittsburgh and West Virginia set to play next week, the loser will drop out of the race, meaning there will be no more than four teams tied atop at season’s end.

The tiebreaker could be more confusing than worth discussing, but will likely come down to the highest BCS ranking.

At this point, it is too early to tell who that will be, but odds are that if West Virginia wins their remaining two games, they would likely be the team to get the nod, having played a tougher out of conference schedule than the other teams in the Big East.

Cincinnati would need to win out and hope for a Rutgers loss to Connecticut and a West Virginia loss to Pittsburgh, then they would be the team to go.

Rutgers would need a loss by West Virginia and Louisville.

Louisville  would get in with a Rutgers loss to Connecticut and a Cincinnati loss down the stretch.

Needless to say, it is going to get interesting in the next few weeks with a BCS berth on the line.


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Comment by Lakinit on November 22, 2011 at 10:36pm

"first blown call by the Big East Refs."  what are you some kind of weirdo realist? 


THE FIRST THING IS TO BEAT SOUTH FLORIDA AND THEN LETTTING OTHER TEAMS WORK IT OUT --- and once again, next to the BCS Bowl in Fla, getting to another Fla bowl would be next highest up on the want list.  It looks to me the odds for the Rutgers, WVU, and UL tie for first is pretty big --- IF WE CAN BEAT SOUTH FLORIDA.  Another site says we would win the title in a three way tie breaker.  Do you think the Orange Bowl would select WVU over us if we beat both of the two tied teams.  That would be hard to digest!  That would be an outright travesty. 


Sidebar: we are better off with Rutgers beating UConn and being tied with them.

Comment by Jim Wetherton on November 23, 2011 at 2:30pm

ANother idea:  All the teams show up at the same PJ's Saturday after the last conference game for a last man standing wins all.  My money is on our COACHES!!!


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