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Mike Privott on June 7 in NJ-Northeast All-Star Classic

Here is the Mike Privott in-depth interview we have all been waiting for, and man was it worth the wait! Mike has been busy with his graduation and playing in the NJ-Northeast All-Star Classic, so myself and the fans really appreciate Mike taking his time out to do the interview, and let the fans get to know one of our 2009 defensive Crown Jewels of the 2009 class.

You know Mike from his performance on the field, now get to know Mike Privott the man. Mike lays it all out for us in a candid interview, and I will reiterate again, the more I talk with this phenomonal young man, the more I am so grateful that he chose Louisville over his other great scholarship offers from other quality programs.

Mike Privott "Unplugged":

CD: What cinched it for you to stay with Louisville after Ron English took the head coaching job at Eastern Michigan?

MP: When coach English decided to leave, I was a bit angry and betrayed, but then I realized it was a great chance for him to be a head coach, so I just wished him the best and stayed commited to the Cards.

CD: What does Mike Privott bring to the table, for any team he plays for?

MP: Mike Privott is a very, very competitive person. I want to be the best in everything, so I bring energy, excitement, and also leadership when I step on and off the field.

CD: In the NJ-Northeast All-Star Classic, you rolled your ankle, but you came back into the game with a vengence. Do you always show this kind of commitment on the field?

MP: In the All Star game, I rolled my ankle, and I knew my team needed me, and I have always been like, "if it isn't broke, I am going to get back on that field". If my teammates see me get back on the field after being hurt, that shows them I am a leader, and that I won't let my team down at any point.

CD: How did it feel to play with Horace Miller in the NJ-NE game?

MP: Aww man! Playing with Horace was a great experience. We hit it off since we first started texting, and on the field it was nothing new. I knew what Horace was good at, Horace knew what I was good at. It seems like we already had the chemistry for future. It was a great experience for me.

CD: Have you and Horace Miller talked much?

MP: Horace and I talk all the time. We at least text each another once a day and see what's up. We also play NCAA 09 online on XBOX 360, so we communcate all the time.

CD: What could you tell us about Boogie McCray that people may not know?

MP: Boogie is pretty fast for someone that is a 6-2 215 running back. Also, he is very shifty, and he is going to let you know that you can't stop him, LOL. That is the type person Boogie is. Very confident in his performance.

CD: What does Mike Privott do when he is not on the field, for fun and recreation?

MP: When I am not on the field, I really love to play my XBOX NCAA 09 online. I also watch game films of my senior season and take notes on what I need to work on. I like watching the NFL NETWORK channel too.

CD: From your visit last homecoming, how do you feel about the quality of the facilities here at Louisville?

MP: Da Ville facilities were the best. It felt like everything was brand new. I really loved the dorms. The Trager Center was one of the best indoor facilities I have ever seen. The complex was a very comfortable place to be, everything felt right at Louisville, so I felt at home.

CD: Are you excited about switching to the 4-3 at Louisville from the 3-4 you played in HS at Lake Taylor?

MP: I love the 3-4 defense, and changing from the 3-4 will be hard because I loved it so much, and it made me the aggressive LB that I am. I am looking forward to playing in the 4-3. People say that I will make even more plays then I did in HS in the 4-3, so I am REALLY looking forward to it.

CD: Who have you looked up to as an inspiration on the field, and off the field growing up?

MP: On the field, I looked to Ray Lewis. I strive to make my game like Ray's. That is where I get my energy and explosiveness from. Ray Lewis is the best LB ever, and that is the goal I am trying to reach. Off the field, I looked up to my brother and my high school football coach. My brother put his life on hold to raise me, and I am really, really glad he did. My football coach was like a father to me, and he showed me how to own up for my mistakes, and how to learn from them.

CD: What are some of the awards you have received so far for your hard work and performance on the field?

MP: Lake Taylor HS All-time Tackle Leader with a career total of 365 tackles, Eastern District Player of the Year, Three-time All-State Player, Three-time all Tidewater, Three-time All-District, and Defensive Player of the Year for the Region in 2007 and 2008.

CD: Who is your favorite player in the NFL currently?

MP: My favorite NFL player right now is Ray Lewis, NO QUESTION.

CD: Who is your favorite NFL team?

MP: My favorite NFL team is the Tennessee Titans. I will go to a lot of Titans games now since I am closer to Nashville.

CD: What would you say best describes Mike Privott in a single sentence?

MP: Mike Privott is aggressive, outgoing, focused, and has great character.

CD: When does Mike Privott touchdown in The Ville?

MP: I will be officially in Louisville July 3rd. Just two more weeks!

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Comment by Terry Jackson on June 18, 2009 at 8:17am
Great read, looking forward to his arrival. GO CARDS!!
Comment by Shannon Ruffra on June 18, 2009 at 4:49pm
Yeah. Horace as well. They are some studs!
Comment by Sonja on June 19, 2009 at 8:30am
Excellent job, Shannon! Let's hope these guys are a start and rebirth of the Cardinal defense that used to shut opponents down several years ago.


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