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Here we go again. Seems like every three or four years the Big East is having to regroup after losing two or three programs to rival conferences. Back in 2005, they lost Virginia Tech and Miami to the ACC, and now here we are with the possibility of losing several schools to a possible Big Ten expansion. Does the Big East feel that inferior to where they let other conferences just come in and scoop schools out of our conference anytime they please? It's time for us to show that we don't have to take a back seat to no one or feel like we're second to anyone. Of course when Va. Tech and the U bolted for the ACC, it opened the door for the 'Ville to step right in and take their place, which proved to be a phenomenal move for the University of Louisville athletic department as a whole. But now I'm starting to feel as if the Big East is allowing itself to be a revolving door for other conferences to come and pick and pluck schools away from us anytime they please. The Big East is way too valuable and way too prominent in college athletics to allow this kind of attrition to continue. If the Big East wants to continue to be considered a BCS-caliber conference, well then it needs to start acting like they deserve to be considered as a BCS-caliber conference. The Big East is in position to where they should be able to invite schools from other conferences and not the other way around. They've been one of the top, if not the top, basketball conferences in the country for better than 30 years and we're once one of the elite football conferences in the country until other conferences felt they could come along and swipe schools away. Of course, I think we all know what the potential cure-all might be, and that's the establishment of our very own Big East network just like the Big Ten and I think it might be what's needed to stop the high level of attrition and turnover the Big East seems to endure every three or four years. It's time for change. It's time for the Big East to start acting like the superpower conference they have the potential to be and not the wimpy and inferior "little brother" that they' re allowing themselves to become. No one deserves to be put through this every three or four years. It's time to step up and be the true big brothers that you once were once again, or else eventually we may see the potential end of the Big East Conference the way we once knew it to be. We're way too good to act like we should be on the outside looking in. That's not the way it should be!

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Comment by Terry Jackson on May 13, 2010 at 9:01pm
Well said Jerome. I truly believe that other conferences are really afraid that a BE school will make the MNC game and even further their solidification in the good 'ole boys network. Both Louisville and WVU were just 1 game away from doing that so I think the best way to keep it from happening would be to disrupt the conference by way of raiding teams. With all that said I am not convinced yet that it is going to happen at the level of the rumors or reports if you will. I think after the smoke settles the Big Ten adds 1 team, probably Missouri. JMO.
Comment by Jerome Nichols on May 14, 2010 at 3:10pm
So far, I've been hearing that Missouri and Nebraska are the two main schools being targeted for invitation by the Big Ten. I think it's gonna be easy for the Big Ten to go into any conference and coax other schools from other conferences to join up because of the fact that the Big Ten has their own flagship network to sell. That itself is enough to motivate other schools to join up because the Big Ten has the one tool to enhance any program's publicity and marketability. That's why it's time for the Big East to be the next conference to step up and establish it's own flagship network. The Big East is big and prominent enough for such innovation. We have to be intuitive and innovative enough to make all the necessary adjustments in order to be in conformance with the times and not lagging behind like we have the last couple of seasons.
Comment by Geoffissiffoeg on May 14, 2010 at 3:56pm
Common perception is that the Big East is the weakest of the 6 BCS conferences. And right now they are. Yes, each year since the last movement in college football a Big East School has usually done well in the BCS (Louisville beating one of Wake Forest's best teams ever; WVU spanked Oklahoma; Cinci played a respectable games against VaTech; who knows what would have happened if the Brian Kelly to ND distraction hadn't come up) and a generally positive bowl record for the conference but you have to look at the teams not in bowls to truly judge the Big East. The last 3 Louisville teams and Syracuse is, well, Syracuse. The other teams in the conference are all up and down and lack consistency.

The Big East does have something to offer in basketball and has strong programs in other sports. The fact still remains that football is the majority bread winner in college sports and the Big East lacks consistency there and is therefore inferior in the eyes of many fans and the other conferences.
Comment by Jerome Nichols on May 15, 2010 at 1:54pm
I think that the superpower conferences are also trying to prevent another Boise State vs. Oklahoma back in '07 from happening again. They should've known that a monumental upset of that porportion was gonna happen sooner or later. The reduction of scholarships in both college football and basketball have evened out the playing field, making them more vulnerable and less superior than they were in the past, and it's causing them to feel a sense of urgency to rebuild their moxie and feeling of thinking that they're better than the rest. However, it's gonna be harder than ever to do so because the lesser-known conferences and schools are beginning to realize that they can be competitive with the superpower schools and win. That's why the super conferences are kinda in panic mode to realign. They're looking to regain that feeling of superiority once again. The lesser-known conferences had better be on the lookout for the superpowers if they wanna stand a chance of coexisting in the world of college athletics. That's why it disappoints me so much that the Big East is allowing themselves to be so vulnerable when they shouldn't. I think the Big East may have lost some of its moxie and mystique when the ACC came along and stole Va. Tech and the U right from under their noses. It may have made them feel as if they didn't deserve to look at themselves as one of the upper-echelon conferences anymore and that's just not true. We're still one of the top conferences in the country and it's past time that we started acting like it again.


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